@homelessfriend: It is becoming more and more common for cities around the world to put spikes down so the homeless can not sleep there. This is a picture from the UK but it has become very common in the USA as well. Spikes are now deployed in San Francisco, Los Angeles and other areas around the country. Help the Homeless! Follow @HomelessFriend ⬅ #HomelessFriend • #SpreadPeaceUSA (501c3 campaign of SpreadPeace.org) @SpreadPeaceUSA on Insta . #homeless #homelessness #endhomelessness #lightworkers #homelessinamerica #helpthehomeless #homelessinlosangeles #helpingthehomeless #socialjustice #visualsoflife #rethinkhomelessness

@canuck5619: What a selfish and despicable example of the heartlessness of those who are so privileged they can treat people as inhuman as this! My heart IS deeply grieved there are those so hateful as this!
@diannabellerose: @canuck5619 lack of love for the others and money is power.
@diannabellerose: @jonathanwoodlogan absolute truth💡
@jeremiahinamerica: I have a grinder...
@millsun_poppy: Terrible cruel
@angel2flyagain: I pray for someday we can help the helpless
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@yvohub: 🙏🙏🙏
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@delphinagoud: Very sad
@chasper_senn: wow which city is it?
@sanctuarysb67: A thoughtless, inhumane one. I’m so sorry 😐
@ccme2020: What are people without homes suppose to do??? We need housing for people who are homeless.
@redhott4: 😡 so infuriating! what have we come to where we are inhumane to our people
@kenya_monay_harper: Disheartening
@tm2kinc: That’s awful!! 🤬
@anarosa_resendes: How do you acess transfer area to share this post?
@birkburke: People are getting so lost into themselves that they tend to forget we all live on the same planet with the same people
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@oenddf_platform: It is so sad and so ugly ! Help the homeless persons who have the same humanity as ours.
@homelessfriend: @anarosa_resendes You need to download the app
@homelessfriend: @ccme2020 💯💯💯👍
@3sailfish: Please help my friend. https://www.gofundme.com/help-lonnie-get-a-new-trailer
@dontworryb_happy_: How sad that we turn a blind eye!
@tigressglv: I recently met a woman in her 30’s that has a 2 month old. She was homeless here in Vegas while pregnant but has secured employment and other services to help her and her infant. Biggest problem is her home situation. She found a roommate but it’s a bad situation she needs to get away from. She’s trying to put her life on a good track and she needs a place to rent. Due to unfortunate circumstances in the past she was evicted and having an extremely difficult time finding a place that will let her rent. She’s looking for a small place for her and her infant. She really needs a break because she’s working so hard to turn her life around and this is a huge obstacle that’s hindering her progress. She’s terrified of becoming homeless again and watching all her progress deteriorate. This young black woman is shattered. But she’s amazing. She’s strong. She’s seriously struggling though. Trying to take care of an infant while struggling not to go into the street again is breaking her. I offered her a place in my home. She’s fearful. She’s confused. My heart breaks for her. I’m reaching out wondering if there are any resources you know of for this beautiful soul. Her name is Vanessa. She has a phone for now. Her number is 702-504-5205 I wish someone could help her. She needs a blessing so she doesn’t end up back on the street. She’s hurting.
@skyereno: And herecwe sit onnour phones putting sad faces doing absolutely nothing about it.
@rach.peeps: @birkburke THANK YOU
@vancareproject: Here you will find stories of those who live, work and volunteer on the Downtown Eastside!
@pettit_morte: They are agressive and stinks
@18charley: This is absolutely disgusting behavior!!😤
@jointsforhomeless: 🤮🤦‍♂️
@vegan_wan: Wowww
@cockney_gaz: Yes yes where r u in Chesterfield the bastardz