@disneyland: Sink your teeth into these savory Halloween Time treats! #Disneyland

@fourthplate: ✌️
@legit.serena: @badchristian yesssss🤤🤤
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@jenn.kramer: @coachkramer22 yes. We must.
@raw_ros: Do you have vegan pizza?!
@theog_diamondprincess: @_mattchan_ the last two 👌🏼
@_mattchan_: @theog_diamondprincess yes. I completely agree
@ryancas: @summaasun oh myyyyy
@dominicwinstongunawan: It looks so mouth watering!
@rebdonn: @charlottekatee 🤤🤤🤤
@bernardocanton: @yarholsresendiz crees que nos dé tiempo de comer los 4?? 🤤
@zitlalikaif: @robs0n1 ya me vi tragando
@robs0n1: @zitlalikaif siii pizza si
@k_corn_eh: @kapribrooooke there’s a good buffalo sandwich that’s loaded with buffalo sauce next to soaring California in Cali adventure 😋
@jewelyanas: @_lexi_lim_ how come we never came across these 🤨
@lisajane_a: @daniellee_anderson_ where is the pizza!???
@daniellee_anderson_: @lisajane_a where is all of this??
@mirthe.sophie: @janneke.m_x die pizza tho🤩
@kylie_ehlers: Where is that buffalo chicken sandwich??😍
@orangecountybakery: Looks good
@steph8_89: I will be going to Disneyland soon... Do you guys have any Vegan meal options?!!!!!
@handoverzz: good one
@hugovictor._: @rociojiimenezm y llevame a comer este hotdog y el sandwich
@daniisnotonfire._: Omg 😵 yummmm
@john_dugay: It seems eatable until you actually try fast serve pizza.
@iamgnice: 😋