@magiccastle_ears: I will be offering ears in these prints only for $22 plus shipping till October 31st🧡. Every month I will be offering ears for $22 in certain prints starting next month💗 #Disney #wdw #disneyland #disneyworld #disneyparks #disneybound #disneylife #disneylove #disneylover #disneyaddict #disneyfan #disneynerd #disneyfun #disneyday #disneyside #disneygram #disneymagic #disneypic #disneyinsta #disneyfamily #disneyhats #hatears #minnieears #mickeyears #mouseears #ariel #mickeysnotsoscaryhalloweenparty #disneyhalloween #halloween

@jaymeb512: Just messaged you to order
@bajakidswear: I need some !! So cute
@brainbanks: Let me know when we can order!!🖤
@magiccastle_ears: @brainbanks open for these only. 😊
@deorlandofl: Muy linda foto, pon más de esas! 😁
@dani_cochran182: Omgosh! How do i order? I need ears in the Stitch fabric!
@magiccastle_ears: @dani_cochran182 through dm (message)
@xjust_randix: @justveronica__ look at Oogie!
@seortiz: I wish there was a way to have ears but in the for of clips like an ear on each clip.. cause I love them but my daughter won’t keep the ears on her head 😭😭😭
@magiccastle_ears: @seortiz I can do clips
@stephie0522: How can I get some made with the stitch fabric?
@magiccastle_ears: @stephie0522 message through dm all I need is an email
@_shaylamo5_: Yay it’s nice to see you ☺️
@mommyandhermini: Yay 🐭❤️✨
@cyndicantero: How much is shipping?
@seortiz: @magiccastle_ears really ?? 👀👀👀 omg!!!! I need some! Do you have pics of some ?
@magiccastle_ears: @seortiz I’ll have to find them
@cyndicantero: @magiccastle_ears I'm glad to see you back. Hope everything is going well ❤️
@seortiz: @magiccastle_ears yes please !!!! And let me know the prices :) ! I’m so excited thank you!
@mrstonimiller: That middle fabric 😍
@prettylady76: I’d like a pair in the boogie boogie and black and white classic mickey print. @magiccastle_ears
@christym90: @magiccastle_ears yay I’m glad you’re back! Can’t wait to see what you do these upcoming days 😊
@magiccastle_ears: @prettylady76 can you please dm me your email :)
@meremere0426: Can I get a pair of Nightmare Before Christmas ones?
@magiccastle_ears: @meremere0426 yes please dm me your email 🧡