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@kyost11: @daredevil_edits_facts he had a small role in Justice league when Grant is the lead in a show. Ezra played a scared uncertain kid while Grant plays a leader.
@stavros.lrs: Hrant
@stavros.lrs: Grant *
@daredevil_edits_facts: @kyost11 the flash isnt meant to lead really, he's meant to be the quick nerd
@kyost11: @daredevil_edits_facts a super hero that’s a pussy, what a cool character. If that suits you better then be a fan of Ezra lol do you.
@fenixmazter: Grant x10000...
@emmatexx: Grant
@eyeseetruth2: Grant, all the way!
@thefoyager: Grants better...
@junaid_nawaz: Grant
@mfritz03: Easily Grant, Ezra is just scared. He’s not ready for his full potential. Grant is awelsme
@neelhamasaki: Gustin is the best
@oli_tkd: Ezra
@benlinus1979: @jamie_v_77 yeah, Season 4 episode 15 - Enter Flashtime. Awesome episode
@xrayshunx: Grant
@willgarcia69: Grant 🤘😎
@meghanjalirao: Grant ❤️🔥
@jackgassaway07: grant all the way!!!
@colereed272: Grant always
@colereed272: @valesins I preffer Grant as well but I do not think Ezra was the worst
@colereed272: @valesins I think the 90s flash was
@valesins: @colereed272 I'm sure it was but it's expected bc it's the 90s. Ezra's version was during 2k17 all I'm saying is it could have been better 🤷🏽‍♀️
@a_c_lauren: Grant
@ryanarinarin: grant
@reynaldo_t_gonzalez: Ezra. He doesn't have bad cgi. Grant does.
@martin_chomo: Grant forever😂😂😂
@lactino5: Always Grant. Ezra is just a Jay Baruchel Jr
@sadr_muhamd: Grant
@dani.ojedo11: GRANT
@jacob26lewis: Grant, easily
@kriptin1807: Grant is my favorite
@assher._: Grant is good and all but tbh Ezra’s suit and everything else is better
@y0urfriendly.neighborh00dtrans: Grant 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
@ethangreathouse2: Grant all the way!
@thereal_phillip.burns: Grant because when he runs he doesn’t look retarded