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@gabby_guy: Grant 💯💯
@nictomas3: Grant
@romeosanga: @kyost11 why are you hating on his opinion?
@kyost11: @romeosanga lol fuck off
@tomthundahh: Grant !! Ezra is NOT Barry Allen. What a joke. Who the hell is running things at Warner brothers ?
@kocakemirrr: Grant
@joshkearse2004: Ezra was a disgrace to all flashes! He was afraid of everything and the only role in the movie was being a freaking baby! He was by far the worst acted superhero I have ever seen!! DC is ruining the flash and if they make a movie about him they will permanently disgrace the flash! I am ashamed of DC for making flash a retarded hero who is good for nothing!
@gwn.luca_: @king_mekhi._ thats ridiculous
@gwn.luca_: @fraile_1129 thats the character they play idiot
@azmi.a.haider: CW fucked up the character!
@ameen_styles: Doesn't matter who is best, both are 'The FLASH'!!!!
@xxdead_roses23xx: Grant all the way #teamflash
@trintrin7_love: If you first watch the original Flash -show- then the movie, you will see why everyone picked Grant
@midnight_sad_9: Grant wins im sorry but hes waaaaay better😄😄😄
@sans.elix: Grant
@sans.elix: Grant
@jo.sh9553: @daredevil_facts grant is so much better as the flash
@dafna_11_: @jo.sh9553 true cause I’m more marvel
@tonidltm: Grant
@brandon_male2002: Grant Gustin hands down he does an excellent job playing the flash
@cale_boi_: Grant
@vic_ideas.2006: A choose grant gustin
@lukas_nlg: Grant
@concurseirogroot: Grant🔥
@senbomslinn: Grant 100%
@mah.emeh970: Ezra is the best