@disneyland: We are taking our spirit jersey aesthetics to new heights! Get yours at Disneyland Resort locations like Bing Bongs Sweet Stuff! #cottoncandy #spiritjersey #disneystyle

@goldenpharaohking: I wanna get this sweatshirt for u @reasespeaces
@makemeuplisa: @kayking_xo is that u???
@kayking_xo: @makemeuplisa Hahahaha no! The lines always so long to take a pic here 😩
@makemeuplisa: @kayking_xo awwww let me crop u in it lol
@handoverzz: good one
@kayking_xo: @makemeuplisa photoshop me 🙋🏼 hahaha
@nubia_92: Not for 64.99
@ahting_fan: where can buy this clothes?
@nicoleedwards89: @lindalolliequinn I need this one so bad
@candacekstart: Take this pic for me lol @rizizza
@rizizza: @candacekstart the long sleeve you gotta buy there aha
@zettie13: I want this one @bassman1359
@akshopaholic: @aya_moto I need another😭I got mine stained 😬
@cecibardan: @marianasfdz I’m reaaady!!!
@mariiiiii____: My dad painted this!!
@ciarbearr: @dangsenpai awww I like this rainbow one
@vainlucky: I wana take this picture @ericalove614
@ashlynnk1992: @jackiehaughn now we can get them!!
@jackiehaughn: @ashlynnk1992 omg so true! ahh i need this one and the holiday one😂
@briaunaturner: @moriahjojo @addieludlow @shellbewatson @kenncowan @jenneemoore i want i need. my excitement cannot be contained anymore.
@kenncowan: @briaunaturner honestly soooo ready
@irina_bondarev: @a_bondarev Love this one for everyday.
@reginella31: @rockie_rockie Lylas would like this one.
@danceremily_dancexpress: We’re did you get that sweatshirts from lol I love it !!!
@avarae6: In love!!!!!
@blakielou57: @serenaamuniz I want one soooooo bad!!!
@m3lissawilles: @ashleyhardle this is the one I wanted 😫
@ashleyhardle: @m3lissawilles it's cute! But I like ours better 😜