@disneyland: Oogie Boogie left plenty of sweet pumpkin spice, even though sometimes he’s not very nice. #HalloweenTime #Disneyland

@kenziejodecker: @decker2480 we have to go!!!
@shaneoliveiro: Mickey 👌
@neverlandbaby25: Had some yesterday at Disneyland, love them, so delicious💯👌😃😘❤
@j.dierkse: @sabrinaaa_dm 😋😋😋
@mama_xtine: @darlingofmisery excited yet?!
@nurse_jits: @vanessaf.santos 😱🤪 I knew it! I had a feeling the beignet for October would be pumpkin flavor!! Omg I can't wait!! 😍😭🤗😛😛
@highlightsalongtheway: Yummy! Love Halloweentime treats!
@accordingtomartha: Omg 🤤 yum!! 😍
@kchavee: Are these only for Halloween time?? What’s served during Christmas time?
@vishnu.ir: لایک پست خوبی بو
@samdivincent: @hill_tabke you better eat one of these for me HAHA
@thatgirlhilll: @samdivincent i got you girl
@gayemaldonado: @pamissgc los quiero ya! 🤤
@chelssea92: @rbaiza626 can we try this plssss🤤
@itzzzzzme_angie: Yassssssss
@leannauemuraa: @marimasako14 I’m gonna go broke
@ccyama: @marimasako14 oh snap I must try! Lol
@ccyama: @marimasako14 oh snap I must try! Lol
@mndza_tniav: 🤤🤤🤤 @bobbyy0809
@bobbyy0809: @mndza_tniav let’s go !!
@kimmy_creepers: @howlthemarquis I might allow myself this