@disneyhungry: So excited to be headed to the Parks tomorrow!! These Slow Burnin’ Mac and Cheese Cones will need to be mine again!! If you haven’t tried them, be sure to check out Cozy Cone Motel. This one is a little spicy and fabulous!!! #cozyconemotel #carsland #disneyeats #disneyfood #halloweentime . . . #halloweentimeatdisneyland #disneyhalloween #disneylandhalloween #disneysmmc #disneymom #disneymoms #disneyvacation #disneytrip #disneycaliforniaadventure

@patricia_rose03: @herrroitsnina We should try it when we go! Haha 😆
@khiamarie: @meghanmoon ME TOOOOO
@moestar88: Cone #2
@adventuresofnickymouse: 🤤🤤🤤
@mademilk: O man. Not good idea to look up food before ya sleep
@datenitebites: Oh my god, yummmmm🤤
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@theworthyhorse: Trying that tomorrow! Yay!
@anthony_salmeron21: @ashsalmeron Friday or Saturday
@carmen_2626: @aandysan yeah those are the ones. They do look like flamin hots on top. Next time @horheysayha
@thedisneykingdoms: These were our favorite snacks! Craving 😋
@jayboo_xo: @dbm22_ get this on Friday
@kathyy__97: @james_trujillo_92 go get me some lol
@thedisneybus: Yummyyyyyy
@magical.erica: Still absolutely need to try this!🎃🍂
@sisterlydisney: Yummmmy 😋
@jeninstapics: Wish they had this at World
@victoriaaa__: @sincerelyjuliaa mad I didn’t get this lol
@belovedalways: Do they have black pretzel cones for the chili too?
@the_demented_potato: @rtlnzuk looks delicious 🤤
@walkerbleu: @brittleec must have!