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@lamari2.0: Diana è ineguagliabile
@emine.gulluoglu: Diana zarif tam bir kraliçe adım atışına bakın nekadar zarif
@33marlenedup: Lnulealah
@hellamolsa: And unlike her new sister in law she's wearing something she's worn before and doesn't break the bank the way she does.
@eylem.hope: Di💕💕
@kituxirangel: Diana sempre 👌👌👍👍
@acarmanschi: 😍😍😍😍😍
@mars.mannix: Love that Kate wears a knee length dress: so chic, modest & elegant
@frolyhorn: @tokunbotejuoso Gorgeous Catherine ..
@maaliaaraqstach: 💜💜💜
@thomas.ingram.75: What color is that?
@h2550_: 💜💜
@susanneramsey: Kate is so graceful! ❤️
@nesscjuspeachy: Both stunning outfits on both ladies. Hope we are not comparing the two though.
@corneliagenever: @hellamolsa And you think Kate didn't do that in the beginning? Sit down and stfu!!!
@hellamolsa: @corneliagenever mmm go back and see where she shopped thicko!!
@rossogiuseppina: Era molto più moderna e d Era molto più moderna e di classe Diana!
@sandrica888: Kate has definitely the same great style Diana had ❤
@atara00: Diana's style better than Kate
@jokaur30: @hellamolsa..difference being Kate's one outfit cost an arm & a leg..Sge rewears for the benefit of idiots who are undiscerning
@dorinaditjacques: 👏👏👏
@dorinaditjacques: 💜💜💜
@royaltyandprotocol: 👸👸👑💎💖🌻✴️⚜️🦋💐❣️❣️💐🦋⚜️✴️🌻💖💎💎💖🌻✴️⚜️🦋💐❣️❣️💐🦋⚜️✴️🌻💖💎💎💖🌻✴️⚜️🦋💐❣️❣️💐🦋⚜️✴️🌻💖💎💎💖🌻✴️⚜️🦋💐❣️❣️💐🦋⚜️✴️🌻🌻💖💎
@corneliagenever: @hellamolsa Just like Kate, she has to dressed appropriately with her title. You can criticise all you fucking like, at the end of the day, it is her husband's choice and Queen's approval that matters the most. So really, just stfu!!!
@hellamolsa: @corneliagenever nice language you're using there. How very sad you have to resort to gutter language to try and get your point across!! The Queen has not rushed her BRITISH citizenship through, which she could and has before, strange that. Plus, she'll still have to sit the exam. You don't even live here, you're not BRITISH and you don't have a clue. Have a nice day little Miss you don't have command of the English language so you have to use the language of the scum!
@suwanna_jansen: Wow love 💖
@corneliagenever: @hellamolsa People like you deserves to be spoken to like that.! Discriminating and hating someone who hasn't done any harm nor hurt you. SHAME ON YOU! I won't be replying to any more of your pathetic responses.!
@hellamolsa: @corneliagenever Oh dear, I'm so sad you will not be replying 🤣 silly bitch you are!!😂
@ritchellenogueira: Diana é única!!! 💜
@dozddalha14: @dozddalha14 ی سوپرایز عالی دارم براتون حتما ی سر به پیجم بزنید
@c.bellamy123: 😍😍😍
@venus_rashidie: What a colour
@venus_rashidie: 🌷😍😁😱
@33marlenedup: 😮black is the way keano
@tulayozcinik: Forever Diana 💙