@colormecourtney: To become a queen you have to give up playing princess” 🤷🏽‍♀️... unless it’s Halloween 😛 BC THEN YOU CAN BE BOTH !!! ..... 💫 Here is a #stopmotion “magic” video we made 2 years ago 😳 we’ve grown a lot in talent & style since (I hope you agree) so I was almost embarrassed to share it, but realized I would never be embarrassed about where I came from in life, so why should I be so as a creator ? 🤔 instead I’m trying to celebrate the journey & my growth! So even tho it isn’t to the caliber of my usual videos I think it’s still v fun, magical & educational on a #costume front... so I hope you enjoy ☺️ OH AND no matter where you are in your journey in your life, career or as a creator I want you to know that it is temporary and everyone you look up to was once there once too! .... 👗 shop these #disneyprincess Halloween costumes & 15 more DIY #disney at www, .colormecourtney.com/disneyween .... 🎥 PS Ive been posting videos (almost) every Wednesday for almost 3 years. We’ve made 90 or so! Have you seen them all? Click here to STALK all 90 👉🏾 #colormevideos

@lisatural: cute 💘
@same_mckenna: 💥💥💥 I love it! It was good then and good now!
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@weareomigrace: ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ I started searching the moment that Microsoft commercial dropped.
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@jjcorcis: Hallowen time
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@daniospinah: Love It
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@thewynteredit: ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ and here forever. Love you.
@ninabinachilds: This video is amazing. Girl hush!
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@diba_c: ⚡⚡⚡and loving it!! You're the cutest!!
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@leesajenelle: OMG I NEED that Esmeralda outfit!!!
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@aleepetrucelli: I remember this vid and still love it 😍
@hezhii: I love this, one of my faves!
@queen_l072: I need clothing/style tips from u!!! Ur wardrobe is filled with color....I need more color in my life
@kaelahbee: Girl WHAAAT?! This is the cutest thing ever! Don't doubt that! you've always had that talent 🤗
@gjepzabeth: I'm a queen, but I'm a princess too. 😃😃😃
@mrscofieldandco: I think its adorable!
@ytfresh: She is so cute
@ruby_blacka: You’ve changed so much in 2 years!! Defiantly agree with you though haha 😘
@oliviamann23: Song?
@prestonluttrell01: Disney is overrated 🥵