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@proud_ultimate_gaymer: Cinderella was about ready to shank a child, Pocahontas gunna bitch smack her with that staff, and Jasmine was gonna "wack-a-mole" Vanellope😅😅
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@vicki.db: @ra1lroadman well then dont see it lol
@company_nazyar21: با سلام و وقت بخیر اگه شما ادمین کانال هستید یا اگه سایت دارید و عضو شبکه اجتماعی مثل اینستاگرام و تلگرام هستید میتونید نازیار رو به افراد معرفی کنین و کسب در امد کنید🌹🤩💵💴 با یه ثبت نام ساده شما لینک مخصوص خودتون رو دریافت میکنید و هر کس از طریق این لینک وارد نازیار بشه برای شما درامد زایی مستقیم داره😍😍😍😍 لینک در بیو🥀🌹
@xsalty_sweetx: @vicki.db what...you're way too young to be using this app especially with a reply like that play MSP smh
@vicki.db: @xsalty_sweetx im 11 so shut the fuck up 😂😂😂
@xsalty_sweetx: @vicki.db 😂 yeah too young
@vicki.db: @xsalty_sweetx Sorry Lol that was too funny not to comment. Im really 17 n the fact that u can get so defensive over something that is quite obvious is a lil childish dont you think?
@xsalty_sweetx: @vicki.db yeah in ur posts u look 17 but I didn't want to say anything 😂😂😂😂
@xsalty_sweetx: @vicki.db I was like 11 and she has more of a life than me 😭😂😂
@grintsova_: Oh it so cute
@thisbitchjankyaf: Cinderelly 😍😍😍
@maddyartist1212: I want more of these so bad!! ♥️
@josepht5642: Cinderella looks so weird with ears
@issasassyqueen: They ruined cinderella man, she looks like a preteen
@e_byrne15: why. Is. Pocahontas. White.
@vern.mia.starz: @e_byrne15 She looks brown to me...
@lexi_gardiner: Why is Pocahontas holding a field hockey stick?
@aimee_brennan_: Bottom drawing is better by far
@e_byrne15: @vern.mia.starz in the top one slightly
@seer_studios_2010: I miss 2D animation
@julia.muszko: Cinderella doesn’t have ears
@cristinaillingworth: Will always prefer 2D
@princessjessie_15: Ciny looks younger and jasmine got OLD
@princessjessie_15: *cindy and Pocahontas
@crys.the.aries: 😍😍😍😍
@degphilip: Wow 😍 I prefer 2D version 🖤
@marilia_hora: Me sigam
@albania.lantigua11: I don’t know... I kind of got accustomed to a Cinderella wit no ears 🤷🏻‍♀️
@likewiseus: How'd the glass slipper(heel) break.
@natalie_lewiston: Ugh so much better Disney needs to learn that like everyone hates their new movies and animation
@analuisabaldez: The classical version is way better
@darrienaddams: 💗💕💖💖
@leah0sea: Every scene. Do every scene like this.