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@xacilv: I love ur workout outfit
@jillisalynn: Your body is so bomb baby 😍🔥🙌🏼
@charcoombes: You look so good 😍
@nevlovinhawaii: @kaseylcohen You're welcome.
@irispejkovic.stylefile: The colour is amazing
@sophaayy: go on queen
@iamlexikai: Love your gym shark fitness where
@lex_stagram: U r goals wow
@pandass.x: I love the color of the outfit
@girlgenius1000: Love this gotta try it 😻💕
@melissalori: Babe omg your bodyyy
@sabreigha: What waist 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 fit legend!!
@jennaswetlikoff: Looking so fit! Good work
@vitimgava: You look amazing 💪🏼
@aiimeeloovee: Love their workout gear !
@lifer_69: you still a yachty, or you gonna go in a different direction ? I was a deckhand for about a year outta Ft. Lauderdale until I got custody of my two daughters. To this day my favorite job. Below Deck is my guilty pleasure lol. Good luck with whatever you do.
@maitearamayo: You look so fit wow
@pauly.vega: Loving the color of your fit 😍😍😍😍
@taylerfrancisco: I love this set on u!! Such a perfect color 🔥
@acanik15: That set is so cute 😍
@wlfman75_: Could you possibly be any hotter? Hell no you are perfect.
@heatherlaricks: That waist 😍😳
@tahsinn_khan: Loving this. Wow!!
@hatchnader: Will you be on another BelowDeck?? @kaseylcohen
@mrslegioneye: I just bought some with your code!! I’m excited to try this out!! ;)
@shyzaeatemaia: I need this set!!🔥💞
@oneshotatit: Hmmmm
@amandalantz95: I like the pink set 💗🙌
@givewitness: I don’t know much about detox but they color was invented for you
@jvzmynerose: Yes, such body goals😍
@hdubjr: You know I was only messing around with you. You look great, very healthy looking indeed!
@hastings94_gsr: @kaseylcohen I miss u beautiful 😘 I haven’t seen u in wayyy to long
@paradisedapree: I love this gym FIT
@michael.elliott1242: Great color!
@luisamariee_: OMG babe I love this set 😍
@winniemartinx: I definitely need try 💛
@takiyamuu: Caption 🙌🏾🙌🏾💕💅🏾 yesssss #gurlpower — alsooooo that peachy pink looks amazing on you.
@allihert: 🙏
@stellagrahamn: Love your gym fit 😏🔥
@courtneypaiige: Sent you a dm @kaseylcohen