@maryclaireob: disney’s not right without my lil minnie mouse on my side✨

@nghinguyen_: i’ll forever be obsessed with you
@gbrunzz: awww😍
@gracenrea: Hair goals
@maggielawsonn: Pink haired princess
@n.t.le: 😍😍😍😍😍 love this
@savannahpicco: wow u are STUNNING 😭
@jadaagarrett: u r perfect mc
@mtux_: Wow idek how you do it man 🔥
@sammybiebs_: 😭😭
@talagalaurennn: @nghinguyen_ ur right. U will forever be obsessed w her. 😍💗
@nghinguyen_: @talagalaurennn not a doubt in my mind 👼🏼
@maryclaireob: @gbrunzz wish u were with us
@maryclaireob: @gracenrea coming frm another hair queen😋😋
@maryclaireob: @n.t.le ❤❤️❤️
@maryclaireob: @savannahpicco but youre😵🔥
@maryclaireob: @jadaagarrett miss you jadaaa
@maryclaireob: @nghinguyen_ ditttoo i love youu😌
@mtux_: @maryclaireob look like trash in every pic ;) 💖
@anna_ahearn: My heart 😢💗
@rosebrunzell: cuties love you two
@emilyafternoon: i love
@heatherobacon: I love this pic MC! Will u send it to me. Xo