@jannplansthings: Swipe for the timelapse video ❤️ #inktober Day 10 - flowing! Still on my Disney kick, so here’s my first Disney princess - Ariel! “Part of Your World” is probably one of my favourite Disney songs! . . Life got a bit hectic so I’ll be skipping prompt 11 for a little bit of a break ❤️ . . I painted this using only #handmadewatercolors by @greenleafblue, @agallocolors and @pepperconarts. It forms part of my review for my new Greenleaf and Blueberry paints which I will upload next fortnight. The gold is @holbeinartistmaterials Brilliant Gold Gouache - it’s so lovely and glittery. . . #inktober2018 #inktoberday10 #disney #littlemermaid #thelittlemermaid #ariel #disneyfanart #artistsoninstagram #painting #watercolor #agallopaints #greenleafblueberry #pepperconwatercolour #theperfectsketchbook

@kenzieanneg: So talented. You are the reason I really want to try watercolor. Just saving up some money to get supplies.
@bookspritez: @n3ykay you should watch the time lapse, huge watercolour goals
@kaybeebaltz: 😍
@maibrown25: Wow!!
@anju.susan.george: Wow!! Stunning. Love the definition in her hair and the rock!! How do you manage to layer those colors and have them look dark but not streaky due to lack of water??
@mismonsta: @jannplansthings aha! That's that killer draftsmanship I'm seeing! I just started playing with watercolor too last month and I love them!
@artatsciencelab: So much better with the paint. Loved it
@__sunsetdreams__: I absolutely love the following things about this: 1. the realistic waistline that disney doesn‘t have the guts to depict, 2. the fact that you included the timelapse of the drawing because it gives fellow artists insight into your behind-the-scenes journey to the destination, 3. your incredible ability and talent in painting such a precise piece of art with WATERCOLOR. Wow. Really, just imagine a standing ovation right now 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@bujo.by.frence: Wow, amazing!!! She is my favorite Disney character!!!
@ines_cruz: Amazing job! I love it!
@little.mrs.guffey: I'm in love with this!!!!😍😍😍😍😍
@giomazzarella: @fefe_fmartins siiiiiim❤️ melhor princesa ❤️ 🧜🏼‍♀️
@jmcj.art: So freaking pretty. Also which sketchbook are you using?
@jhennicide: she's my fav! i love this!
@jannplansthings: @michaelaars hahah awesome! Thanks for the manliest compliments 💛
@jannplansthings: @cruz_art_co I just had a vision of you doing a dramatic mermaid hair flip in the bath and causing tidal waves of mess and grinned stupidly
@jannplansthings: @yslobard2018 yes! When I’m drawing characters I do! For this one I just paused the scene from the movie 💛
@jannplansthings: @danielle_renke thank you so much! I’ve never considered doing prints before! 💛
@jannplansthings: @_art_vibe_ thank you so much!!! 💛
@jannplansthings: @angie_grgs thank you!!! 💛
@jannplansthings: @monal.27 thank you so much!!! 💛
@jannplansthings: @kenzieanneg thank you! When you have enough, get yourself a nice starter kit with good single pigments (like the white nights paints) so it’s easier for you to mix colours 💛
@journalrella: So amazing!!
@mailittleart: What notebook are you painting in??
@_6iiima20: Flw me🙇💜👑
@amy_louisa19: She looks wonderful!! ❤️
@jazzyfizz8: So cool! I love this...
@dirtyblondediva: Gorgeous
@ajummastudies: so so beautiful 💕
@planner.addict13: Beautiful! 😍😍 I would love to see Merida would turn out! 😉
@essiejartofficial: This is amazing!!