@styledbymagic: Wishing upon a star that I was still snacking in @disneyland! 😋 • • I loved getting to make this video featuring some of my favorite fall-themed treats with @heyteamkelly in partnership with @visitanaheim! 🙌🏻 • • I didn’t get to try all the special offerings while I was there, but BOY OH BOY did I love what I did get to try! 😍 • • 🎃 My absolute favorite was the Pumpkin Spice Churro! So warm, so fresh, and oh so yummy with its cream cheese icing to dip it in! It didn’t taste overwhelming of pumpkin— more like chai actually! So I would still recommend this even if you aren’t the biggest pumpkin fan! Find this outside of Haunted Mansion! • • 🐭 The Mickey Mummy Macaron stole my heart with its cuteness! If you have a BIG sweet tooth then this cookies and cream confection is for you! Find this at my favorite quick service place— Jolly Holiday Bakery! • • 🍏 Green Apple Spell Lemonade was the perfect mix of tart and sweet! With its lemonade base, cherry sauce, and popping cherry pearls, you’ll want to have every last sip! So refreshing!! You can also add a Poison Apple glow cube like I did to make it extra festive! Find this in DCA at Smokejumpers Grill! • • What is your favorite sweet to have in the fall? When I’m not snacking on @disneyeats treat, I LOVE indulging in those caramel apple suckers! Anyone know what I’m talking about?! • • Let me know your favorite treats below! • • 🎥: @heyteamkelly (Follow them for more magic!) • • Who wants more videos?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ • • Thanks so much again to @visitanaheim for such a wonderful trip!

@erin_ballerina: I LOVE this! So magical ✨✨✨
@emilycappello_: I’m running around in the background somewhere I’m sure 😄🏰💕
@___wmj: Seriously almost cried. I miss Disneyland so much! Beautifully shot and edited video. 🙌🏽😍
@racheleverman: @allitizzle needs to be us
@atattack: @hdronen imagine this being our occupation omg 😍😍😭😭 also that churro is incredible
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@jordanperkins: @snoweaton we should plan a trip for next year so we can be her
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@stephaniecarvalho22: who made the video I would love a video like this
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@laurlottie: I loved the pumpkin churro so much last time I was there! And I LOVE those dang apple suckers haha 💚
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@a_benetti: Love your posts and videos. They make me so so so happy❤️❤️❤️ lots of love
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@styledbymagic: @stephaniecarvalho22 @heyteamkelly made it! They’re amazing!! Follow them!! 😍😍😍
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@styledbymagic: @meredith_bollinger Awh I love that it does! It does that for mine too!! I love being able to spread a little happiness and magic with what I share!
@glamgal33: @styledbymagic I have to say I enjoyed @ Disneyland seeing the toy story parade and taking a pic @ Sleeping Beauty Castle💜I am from Florida so I love Disney but I love DisneyWorld more. I didn’t make it to the haunted mansion they actually closed the line when we got there it was a very long line but regardless we enjoyed the most that we could. Disney California Adventure we enjoyed the Incredible Rollercoaster 🎢 and the Mickey Ferris Wheel 🎡 was super fun. I was in California for Work Conference but we had to go to Disneyland literally we were across the park from our resort. I definitely want to go back on my own time to enjoy it more. 💜
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@goofyguychichi: Your lipstick game is on point
@livthemagic: I also was in LOVE with the mickey mummy macaron!
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