@heighhodisney: 🎼You spin me right round, baby right round like a record, baby right round round round . . . People either love or hate taking a spin in these teacups. What are you, a lover or hater of the Mad Tea Party? . . . . @disneyland @disney #madteaparty #aliceinwonderland #teacups #spillthetea #alice #madhatter #madhatterteaparty #disneyland #disneylandcalifornia #disneylandresort #visitanaheim #dvc #disneyvacationclub #wonderland #disneyside #disneystyle #disneyparks

@malloryallain: HATER 😂
@heighhodisney: @malloryallain only in it for the pictures 😂😂 “I didn’t realize I was actually spinning it!!!” Hahahahahaha
@malloryallain: @heighhodisney do it for the gram! 😂
@disney_premears: We LOVE the Mad Tea Party! ✨✨
@heighhodisney: @malloryallain I hope you get to come back soon so we can get more picturessssss❤️
@heighhodisney: @disney_premears it’s definitely so much fun! I laugh the whole time
@disney_premears: @heighhodisney It’s always a MUST DO for us! ✨☕️✨
@thatlittlesweetlife: LOVE IT!!!!! Especially when Dan spins me so fast!!!! Hahahaha!
@itssimplymagical: H8R. I can’t handle them!🤢
@magicallyamandavictoria: LOVE IT! But, billy hates it soooo I don’t remember the last time I got to spin in them 😂
@happiestnurseonearth: Not a huge fan. I’ve only ridden it one time. 🤢
@disneylandgurus: LOVE!!!!❤️
@heighhodisney: @itssimplymagical really?! Even if you don’t spin them?
@heighhodisney: @magicallyamandavictoria that’s why you and I need to FINALLY plan a trip to go together
@heighhodisney: @happiestnurseonearth well, at least you can say you’ve done them 😂
@heighhodisney: @disneylandgurus ALL THE SPINS!!!
@itssimplymagical: @heighhodisney 🤔 I actually don’t know, I haven’t tried going on in years cause they made me feel so sick! Hahaha maybe I would be able to handle that
@happiestnurseonearth: @heighhodisney Yep! It was a goal of mine!
@disney.tay.22: LOVE ALL DAY EVERYDAY!❤️
@magicallyamandavictoria: @heighhodisney YES! I couldn’t agree more!!!
@krista_in_pooh_corner: This is one I can’t do....🤢 I love people’s adorable photos on the teacups and am always so sad to skip them, but it never ends well