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@melikeeraydinx: @reviewal stfu you lil slime freak
@reviewal: @melikeeraydinx stfu you little Snapchat freak you aren’t even cute
@tayyiba.c: That brow transformation though
@samppelaez: A plucked brow and Facetune later
@hxstoks: @tayyiba.c righttt
@dolans.dose: Follow me if you love the sister squad xo
@artsycult: 💖
@corawhittacre: Right he’s come a long way
@uglycough: The eyebrows mmmm
@daniellemariii: Sis he’s got the same skills he just edits his pics to no end
@xxmaeoxx: he’s magnificent on both sides
@cass_m_65: 2018 but he’s still a queen
@waris.wm: Righttttt
@just_some_cool_stuff45: Is that james on the left??
@jadendiorcheertastic: EyEbRoWs On ThIcK
@ryh0e: he's a queen
@m.aliabrown: Righttt
@aidatortilla: I would've appreciated the bee on the lip again
@avaa.139: Love the right but he looks great in both @jamescharles
@__moonfairy15___: Sister snapped
@macidolan: right
@meg.467: OMG
@serenity_isabela_r: Those thick ass eyebrows on the right
@nnohhemy: @just_some_cool_stuff45 the both pictures are the same person, James Charles lmao
@sophia_t_n: Right
@maryam.alial1: the brows still haunt me
@riley__del: The biggest glow up was his brows 😔
@elizabethturleyy: Oof sis my brows still look like the "before" photo 😔✊🏻
@wavimami: He got his lips done