@thecombatworld: Beast fight! via @predator.ufc

@erfpr17: Wtf
@msta_30: Wtf
@denzelmckeough: @kd_munne watch the full fight not the highlights to find out.
@fofoca_lisa: Black guy hit hard White punk. How is possible White win???
@mosquera_joan: @denzelmckeough where can I watch the whole fight? Also is that bobby lashley?
@mosquera_joan: @fofoca_lisa because he’s white
@hasan1025_: @alejandro__alba he won for sure but his stand up is 😷
@anthonypeckk: @tadenwalker @nateroberson111 bring back the roid era
@themmaworldwide: Wtf!? How did he win!?
@duckbin: Wow! Those steroids really know how to fight!
@zerikdm: @cris_estrella @chrisliit jeez man.. steroid olympics lol
@7he_mastermind: blue corner ?! 😳
@7he_mastermind: @nazmulhassanhimel hahahahahah 🀣
@suplexionjr: @warpath__2.0 Bellator has no choice but to test through usada and they even upped the testings after dada and kimbo almost both died. You guys could google this instead of using me for references.
@artdroid82: One is a beast the other is a roid head faggot
@astijepovic: Hoe this fucking asshole win???
@astijepovic: @mason1hindman he dont know how to lunch but white dude didnt even punchπŸ‘‹
@vater_exca12: Thomson is so garbage lol
@avarec0505050505: πŸ’ͺ😎
@malongraphy: White guy got rocked so bad he had the give the ref dap for ending that round.
@lawrence_96367: πŸ˜‚
@dejan_m6: This is not mma πŸ–•
@jboraa: Big body power shit
@mansa_mu_sa: Bobby lashley is an actual wrestler πŸ€Όβ€β™€οΈ not a striker
@gerardo.cano.dg: A este grandote siempre lo fajanπŸ˜‚
@jc_legacy26: @coldblue22 he is in wwe.this old ass fight
@kingbibibear: The white dude lost that fight....ijs
@followersig14646: I could tell dude in black shorts was going to lose cause he was doing too much
@icebornking: @followersig14646 Lol its true though. Ref should've taken a point from Thompson.
@hakgunz_safi_: How the fuck did he win
@emandahr: the man, the myth, the legend!
@gusnedyanto: Juri bansaaat anjiing koo
@24u24mee: Didn't finish him that's why