@trillafranco: ANSWERING FREQUENTLY ASKED TRAINING QUESTIONS: - “What foods should I eat to get thick? And how can I keep my stomach flat?” 🅰️ There’s no special diet or food that can give you your ideal body.... it just doesn’t work like that lol. Consistency is everything so if you’re training and keeping your diet in check, then optimal growth will happen. Just be patient because gaining weight or changing your body composition doesn’t happen overnight! Work on building up your legs and back for the illusion of a smaller waist <3 - “What exercises should I be doing to help with the growth of my butt / legs?” 🅰️ If your leg days consist of adequate volume, moderate / difficult resistance, and reasonable rest time... then you can really get away with doing whatever you like. It’s about quality over quantity and that’s not just in terms of legs!! But every training session! Some of my favorites though are hip thrusts, lunges, stiff legged deadlifts, and hack squats (: - “Will lifting weights and taking protein make me bulky?” 🅰️ no lol. It takes years to develop the kind of muscle you’re worried about. And if anything, training plus consuming and adequate amount of protein will help shape your body by improving your muscle mass! - “Best way to stay consistent and not fall off track?” 🅰️ HAVE. A SOURCE. OF ACCOUNTABILITY. Post pictures or updates on Instagram. Keep a photo log of your progress, or journal with your daily weigh ins. Tell your friends about your journey and what you’re aiming for! At times when you can’t find the motivation in yourself, know that there’s someone SOMEWHERE rooting for you because you’ve shared (: - Obviously there a lot more questions than that but those are the most common. If you’ve sent me a message I’m my DMs concerning any of these then here’s your answer! No gimmicks or secret supplements, just patience and a lot of food lol. 💗

@robbie_15rockwell: @chrisponder I know her confidence all the way up
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@charmainecabance: Hey girl, do you have any previous posts on your workout split/training plan?😍😍😍 Just found you today and I think you're very inspiring. Healthy messages too. @trillafranco
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@dinahherrera337: Which protein is better to take whey or plant base protein???? My body Goal is to be slim thick as well lose my belly fat to a flat tummy and gain a big tone booty and tone up tha rest and is there anything else I should take like vitamins, Muscle recovery pills I’m new at this what do I need to get my slim thick Goal .
@dinahherrera337: I also heard of Blessed plant base protein a good one and it does not get u bloated
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