@entertainmenttonight: Victoria’s Secret is going to miss this angel now that she’s hanging up her wings. 💔 #FBF to Adriana Lima’s first #VSFashionShow nearly 20 years ago. ✨ (📸: Getty Images)

@katt_rodriguez: 💔😔😥
@wicked65me: ❤️🍷🙏🔥🇺🇸
@mhanica.s: @marilovescar 😭😭😭
@sarebssarebs: I wish I was hot so I could retire now. Or like ever.
@just_jen_k: Wow stunning then and now
@gym_master1130: Think I saw this on WISH
@zee1377: @atriggered.sjw hahahah I don’t even know what your argument is about. I respect your opinion of liking boney models. If that’s your option then own it! Don’t go telling people off because they don’t share the same views as you. I own my options and I don’t need immature people asking me stupid questions so that they can make a point. Btw, ignorant is someone who uses a question as an argument!!!
@atriggered.sjw: @zee1377 you're literally too damn grown to be labelling these models as emaciated and compare them to famine yemen. Now that's immature. Here's an idea, stop body shaming.
@zee1377: @atriggered.sjw You are making no sense, first you said I’m too damn grown and then you said I’m immature. Which one is it? Stop being so condescending and make a reasonable argument instead of going around telling people not to label and then turn around and label them as body shammer.
@zee1377: @atriggered.sjw Since you like to accused people with condescending questions let me ask you this... do you want to look like some of the skinny models? Do you think they are beautiful looking that skinny? Should we all look like them? Is it not right to be thick or even fat? When does skinny become too skinny? If no one put a stop to it then models will continue to get skinnier and people like you will think that’s okay and accuse anyone who take a stance against it a body shammer!
@joiivi: 90s models children are taking on this generation's modeling world. #imold
@lillirose_fav: She is absolutely amazing! A true angel! Going to miss you @adrianalima ❤️😇🦋
@dionneinspires_here4u: @zee1377 You don’t need to defend your comment at all. You simply complimented her healthy look and it was twisted by some ridiculous person that wants to pick a fight. I agree with you.
@andeemaggio: BEST angel of all <3
@atriggered.sjw: @dionneinspires_here4u she complimented one model but dragged other models by saying they look emaciated. Good to see you agree with this.
@justdemasu: Icon!!
@dionneinspires_here4u: @atriggered.sjw not true, just your view. Our dialogue is over.
@ale_arce: Brasil🇧🇷
@parvxon: @sedallie_ They should’ve replace her with you
@avery.gale: Wow. She is so blessed. Even more beautiful now!
@zee1377: @dionneinspires_here4u @atriggered.sjw clearly you did not read the treads that your friend posted from the beginning. She was the one who decided to pick the fight. I said I the comments above that it fine if she like skinny models but I not and I’m entitled to my opinion. Instead of presenting a reasonable rebuttal your friend started asking condescending questions and calling me a bitter old lady, ignorant, too damn grown but also immature. So who was picking on who? The lack of an answer to my questions just proved to me you can not make an argument for skinny models. Instead you choose to call people names and bash them for their views it’s would be a good idea to form an argument and present your case. For god sake, if you like skinny models then just own your views and show me why I should think otherwise. You don’t have to get defensive about people comments and opinions.
@the_rl_miss_dee: She looks just as beautiful. Wow. That young lady does not age.
@i_am_af: My fav angel
@_yurgirlkelly: Just as gorgeous as she was then❤️🔥
@atriggered.sjw: @zee1377 the 'lack' of answer didn't satisfy you enough? You expect too much i wasn't here to play 20 questions. I just know I can't say anything to show you why you should think otherwise, your opinions are set in stone, and your hate is engraved. My issue from the beginning was your insensitive and disgusting comparison of skinny models looking like those who are emaciated in famine Yemen. You're a body shamer, your entitled comments and opinions shames people's bodies. Nothing more to it.
@raneemzakhour: ❤️❤️❤️
@sihot3131: She is going to be miss.
@adventuretraveler1: @zee1377 I actually followed the thread and found nothing offensive in your statements. It’s your opinion, yet it seems it struck a highly sensitive nerve with the other person. Do not defend yourself. This is one of the beauties of living in our Country. We have freedom of speech. Which actually starts with Freedom of Opinions. Don’t engage with her anymore. To sum it all up, Adriana was a VS icon and will be missed.
@macegriffin: A literal goddess
@zee1377: @adventuretraveler1 thank you for support. I was not offended by what she said to me. It would have been easy for me to stoop to her level and start bashing her for being immature and acting the way she did but I decided to dig deeper to see if she would be able to support her claim. In the end she continued to blame other people for their comment instead standing up for skinny models. It is sad now ignorant people can be on these platforms. They would rather go after the people who are expressing their views rather than taking the time to express their own views. This has been an eye opening conversation about free speech and how uses it these days.
@monica_reiner: One of the best!!!!!!!! We will miss you
@haleykaralevicz: @zee1377 I agree she actually looked healthy 😍
@khutkokatia: 👑@adrianalima 👑
@the_norman_akastormin: Another thing destroyed by the kardashians