@naturehi: 🐝🌯 Leaf-cutter bees are solitary, gentle pollinators that opt to construct egg chambers out of leaves, which they provision with nectar and pollen. Once these are in place, the female leafcutter places a single egg atop the food she’s gathered and then caps the cell with circular pieces of leaves. She may construct as many as 20 of these pollen-filled bee-ritos before she’s done. This footage shows a young leaf-cutter emerging from it's cozy bee-rito in the UK. There are many species of leaf-cutter bees found around the world including many in North America. In Florida alone there are as many as 63 different species of leaf-cutter bees. Via @centerforbiodiv / 🎥: @emiliagoxd Follow:🦁 @naturehi ❤ Sigam:🐯 @naturehi ❤ Seguir:🐶 @naturehi ❤ #animals #animal #pet #dog #cat #dogs #cats#photooftheday #cute #pets #instagood #animales#cute #love #nature #animallovers#pets_of_instagram #petstagram #petsagram#lovely #lion #tiger #oceaan #wild #animalrescue #rescue #orca #heroes #nature#wildlife #ocean #killerwhales

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@kruhlygrant: Wonderful
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@sebasmucruz: It seems like a little cute, a bit creepy, teddy bear. All Animals are a precious gift from our Creator.
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@norfolk_bor_luke: Imagine hitting a little blunt and a bee pops out
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@xxstizzxx: I thought this shit was a fucking fat ass blunt or fucking cigar's 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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