@checkoutamanda: The “Happiest Place in the World” with my best friend 💕 @crystalhefner #Tokyo 🇯🇵👯‍♀️ #Disneyland

@lindanycasher: You two are the most adorable! #bestfriendgoals
@jessica.davenportoc: I didn’t know there was a Disney in #japan?? How cool!!
@iammisscaseylee: Perfect traveling sidekicks 👏🏻👭
@checkoutamanda: @lindanycasher I’m very lucky! Thank you love xo
@checkoutamanda: @jessica.davenportoc its very similar to the Anaheim Disney! You would be surprised :))
@checkoutamanda: @iammisscaseylee that’s for sure! 👯‍♀️🇯🇵💕
@brigittemartins: That's just the cutest, love it!!!👏👏🤩🤩❤❤
@checkoutamanda: @brigittemartins thank you sweetheart
@rhodesfanucci: Love the cute sweater!
@checkoutamanda: @rhodesfanucci thank you love! Miss you!
@paulinamhk: The people in the background are so interesting at first I thought it was a lot of characters in one place but then I realized its just everyone dressing up
@checkoutamanda: @paulinamhk yes totally! Everyone was dressed really festive!
@heatherpeggs: My favorite place in the world! Going here for the second time in April! I’m obsessed!!!