@chrisdelia: This is my VIP shit. If you wanna hang out in this small little triangular area or in the passenger seat of this car with me then you have to get past this red rope sorry that’s just the rules. #vip @cheetosantino took this amazing VIP shot.

@369_damnyoufine: @chrisdelia that Half Magic 💰check💰in action
@green_thumb420: Little dick energy 🤦🏽‍♂️
@itsonlymewow: You finally got a Wax Figure 😂😂
@frosted.tiger: Sweet ride! 👍🏼
@notstoppingme: The real VIP is the other car parked to the right. #unclejoey
@combatyournutrition: Perfect Cult leader stance! 🇦🇺
@unchbo: Hey Chris, which season of Star Trek is the jacket from, I want one.
@sortavegansobersteven: what a weird thing to photoshop. next time tell your photo-editor to make you a believable size
@cam_boh: bring it on red rope
@leonardchristina: Lmfao 🤣🤣😭😭😭😭
@niqqic: @hayleymclenagan vip shit ONLY
@philhendrie: You’re roped off
@amirzenj: VIP is everywhere outside of the ropes that keep you in bruh 🐀 👑
@jacob.fit.2.0: @chrisdelia my buddy Frank D’Elia (of the Toronto/Woodbridge D’Elia’s) and I will be at your feb 21 show in Toronto @frankie__d_ - wanna come over for some linguini after???? 😂
@frankie__d_: @jacob.fit.2.0 lmao you’re fuckin cooked - with lobster and rose sauce??!!
@frankie__d_: @jacob.fit.2.0 lmao you’re fuckin cooked - with lobster and rose sauce??!!
@srainnnn: @jacob.oldroyd lol I don’t get it
@kcherry08: Bro please please please talk about your girl going away on the podcast. She is way too cute to not get a nice girl in the slammer but it’s suuuuper sad. Thx.
@themonkeyking1980: I bet when you bought that car...it didn't make..s fuuuucken ......deeeent!
@thevanessagiselle: That windbreaker😍 fuckkk
@tannerrbearr: Is that a shoelace belt???
@kylecrauch: Such a fuckboy.
@zaxpix45: Hanging outside of Cheesecake Factory in front of a Chrysler. Meh
@mrs.jigsaw_315: @marisab33 are you blocked😂😂😂😂😂
@look_within: So petty I love it
@juleschat2: SO IN LOVE #kicks! Also might... Maybe..love t bff e man... Is raining ... Lets DO THIS!
@nikhil.salvi12: @chrisdelia You look like you've been put in a time out......and why the fuck are you using a rope instead of a belt?
@thunderguts710: These look like unreal pants.
@ruedebois: nice stanchions
@mike.estevezzz: Dressed like a teen lesbian...
@cory_word: You dress like your 15