@honeybbieslime: 🎥 ☞ ( @sand.tagious ) — ❄️fc: 3737 — Would you rather have a dog that has the personality of a cat or a cat that has the personality of a dog?

@slimeshades_: Cat w the personality of a doggy (I love dogs more than cats)
@slimeshades_: Ahhh so satisfying
@yunikadel: Jasa Like Dan Follow terbaik dengan harga bersahabat.Yuk Cek Profil Kita 😁🙏
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@hey_arnold24.7: Cat the personality of a dog
@e.z.0802: #slime_gol_goli با سلام بهترین خمیر اسلایم با مرغوب ترین مواد موجود در بازار حتما به پیج ما سر بزنید @slime_gol_goli
@__hxnnxhs.life__: No no no no no!
@aliaisabel: I’ve seen better
@cheeky_corn: Oøf
@jaxson_garton: What that
@goldenn_goods: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌
@gracelaymannn: YOU DIDNT GET ALL OF IT